Designed for the modern Fast Casual Chain

Multi-unit operators have unique needs. Gusto is designed to help the multi- unit operator better manage their stores with enterprise features not seen in any other POS. Control Menu, pricing, taxes, discounts and much more across stores or groups of stores.

Report and analyze data the way you want to see it by individual store, groups of stores or across all stores.

Simple and reliable, by design

With no back office server to maintain, Gusto’s system design is built from the beginning with simplicity and reliability in mind. Fewer moving parts means fewer problems

Reliable Cloud

You get all the benefits of the cloud with offline reliability of an on premise system. Daily operational functions are separated from cloud activity so your restaurant keeps on running whether your internet is up or down

A POS that is a pleasure to Use

Pleasurable to use and POS have never gone together in the same sentence. Our unique approach to conversational ordering makes your line move faster, improves order accuracy and your customer’s experience. Training can be done in minutes instead of days.


Don’t be the next headline news story due to a credit card security breach. You won’t find a more secure POS system. Gusto offers point to point and EMV payment solutions to best fit your needs.

Open Architecture

Gusto’s open architecture platform offers you choice when selecting third party vendors that best suit your business. Whether it be labor scheduling or above store reporting, Gusto allows choice in selecting solutions for your restaurant.

Simple, affordable pricing

High up-front hardware and software costs to run your business take precious cash away from you building your business, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With Gusto, one annual price covers everything! No hardware costs. No maintenance fees. No support or service costs. No hidden costs.

Hardware is covered under a full replacement warranty - forever. We keep it simple and take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

Integrated catering, web ordering, and kiosks

The Gusto integrated approach for web ordering and catering means you have only one system to maintain your menu, pricing, discounts and loyalty. One support number. And it’s integrated directly into your own corporate website to maintain your brand.

Built for the Enterprise

Whether you have one unit or operate in all fifty states, Gusto’s enterprise design gives you the control you need to run your business. Control menus, pricing, taxes, discounts and more across stores or groups of stores. Report and analyze data the way you want to see it.

Free to Choose

Going Gusto means freedom to choose. Choose your merchant processor. Choose valued partners. Choose to control your business.

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